1427 learners completed their minimum supervisor training requirement for four Foundation + two core or elective classes in the first six years of the program. Once approved for this requirement through My Learning, you will have electronic access to a printable certificate to show that you’ve met the training requirements for supervisors in the University Requirement program.  

2021-23 statistical growth of completions in Talent Development's Supervisor Development Program University Requirement

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Elise Kulovany and Steven Workman
Talent Development offers two levels of Supervisor Development Program training. When you complete the full SDP certification program, you will receive an official paper certificate, a gift, a letter of acknowledgement to your supervisor, and invitations to additional learning events.


Maximize your potential as a supervisor at CSU through professional development classes offered to help us grow as individuals and to help our teams grow. Experience teaches us that focusing on self-discovery, relationship building, systems thinking, and coaching helps us to become successful leaders who inspire our teams.

To improve the quality of supervision and engagement, Talent Development has created the Supervisor Development Program. The Supervisor Development Program (SDP) at CSU is designed to provide faculty and staff with the tools they need to be effective and inspired in their respective roles at the university.

To ensure a positive environment among all employees, the SDP is a requirement for all faculty and staff who supervise non-student employees. The program offers a variety of developmental courses to be completed within a three-year time frame.


Email Nakia Lilly or contact her by phone at (970) 491-1376 if you have questions about Supervisor Development Program university requirement, certification progress, or registration.

The Supervisor Development Program process

Foundation 1

Mindset For Supervisors

In this class, you will develop an understanding of who you are as a supervisor by exploring the strengths you bring to the role. In addition, you will build your knowledge of team dynamics, looking at how the team functions and how to enhance performance. Finally, you will explore how your team contributes to the mission of the institution.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Rules of The Road

Highlights aspects of the CSU employee/employer relationship including equal-opportunity employment laws, reasonable accommodations, leave management, confidentiality guidelines, and employee rights and protections.

Foundation 2

Foundation 3

Inclusive Excellence Part 1: Defining Diversity and Inclusion

This training provides an understanding of diversity and inclusion at Colorado State. As supervisors, we set the tone and culture of our office. Because of this we have the opportunity to create inclusive environments for all employees to succeed, regardless of background.

Foundation 3

Foundation 4

Inclusive Excellence Part 2: Uncovering Bias

Supervisors play a key role in creating an inclusive work environment. This training examines the impact that unconscious bias may play in the workplace.

Foundation 4


In order to complete the Supervisor Development Program, University Requirement, learners should pick two additional training classes from any theme or category.

In order to complete the Supervisor Development Program, Certification, learners should pick one training from each theme from the Core category AND four trainings from any theme in the Elective category.