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How can you maximize your potential as a supervisor at CSU? Experience teaches us that focusing on self discovery, relationship building, systems thinking, and coaching helps us to become successful leaders who inspire their teams.

To improve the quality of supervision and engagement, Talent Development has created the Supervisor Development Program. The Supervisor Development Program at CSU is designed to provide faculty and staff with the tools they need to be effective and inspired in their respective roles at the university.

To ensure a positive environment among all employees, the Supervisor Development Program (SDP) is a requirement for all faculty and staff who supervise non-student employees. The program offers a variety of developmental courses to be completed within a three year time frame. For the Program Overview, see this .pdf entitled SDP Checklist.

Special Announcement about our Foundation Classes

We will offer three of the SDP Foundation trainings during the TILT Professional Development Institute (PDI), Jan 11-13, 2021.  If you are having a hard time working these classes into your schedule during the semester, take advantage of this opportunity. Registration will be available soon through TILT’s PDI registration system.

Jan. 11 — Mindset for Supervisors
9:00 am to 11:30 am Part 1/1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Part 2
Must attend Part I and Part 2 to receive credit for this session.

Jan. 12 — Inclusive Excellence, Part 1: Diversity and Inclusion at CSU
9:00 am to 11:30 am

Jan. 13 — Rules of the Road
9:00 am to 11:30 am Part 1/1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Part 2
Must attend Part I and Part 2 to receive credit for this session.

"I love the programs that are offered. They help me develop professionally and encourage me to stretch beyond my job description. I am better able to convey concerns and contribute more effectively to CSU."

-SDP Training Participant

“I have already applied several of the skills provided in this training. In just two days it has already made a difference in the huge project I am working on currently.”

- Mindset for Supervisors Participant

“I thoroughly appreciated the various activities and the multiple ways in which we addressed different ideas - on our own, through group discussion, and through written activities.”

- Mindset for Supervisors Participant

How the SDP works

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to supervision. The Supervisor Development Program (SDP) is made up of classes that will provide you with valuable knowledge about the key themes of the program, university policies, and creating inclusive environments.  The program is self-directed, so you decide when to take each course!

Program Options:

1. SDP University Requirement (enroll here)

This image shows how to build your SDP University Requirement.

Take the four foundation classes & any two classes from the core or elective category

  • Mindset for Supervisors
  • Rules of the Road (Offered by HR & OEO)
  • Inclusive Excellence Part One (Offered by VPD)
  • Inclusive Excellence Part Two (Offered by VPD)
  • One Core/Elective Class
  • One Core/Elective Class

Foundation classes are held monthly every semester. In order to comply with the requirements of the Supervisor Development Program, it is suggested that coursework is completed within a three year time frame.

2. SDP Certification (enroll here)

This image shows how to build your SDP Certification.

If you want a more comprehensive training and a certification in Supervisory Development, you will complete the following:

  • Four Foundation Classes
  • Four Core Classes, one in each theme:
    • Self Discovery
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Systems Thinking
  • Four Elective Classes, of any theme

A variety of Core and Elective classes are held each semester, though topics and class offerings may vary. Courses for the certification process have no timeline and can be completed based on an individual’s personal goals.

Elective & Core Themes

icon for self discovery
Self Discovery       icon for interpersonal skillsInterpersonal Skills

icon for team effectivenessTeam Effectiveness      icon for systems thinking Systems Thinking

Supervisor Development Program Checklist

Do you have questions about your status in the program? Track your progress on our SDP Checklist. If you have further questions about your status after viewing the document, please email Nakia Lilly.


If you have questions about certification progress or registration, please feel free to email Nakia Lilly or contact her by phone at (970) 491-1376


You can complete the program at your own pace however, to comply with the Supervisor Development Program requirement, it is suggested that you completed the program within three years. If you have already fulfilled university requirements for the Supervisor Development Program and wish to continue with the certification process, feel free to complete the coursework as you see fit.  It is possible to complete the entire program in less than a year if you so desire.

The program is designed for employees currently in a supervisor role, but those who aspire for a supervisor or team lead role can also participate in the program.

The time commitment for each month is determined by each participant. The four Foundation classes combined are 13 hours. Each one is offered monthly, so participants can take each class at their own pace.

You’ll need four Core classes and four Elective classes to receive the certification. Those classes will vary from about 2-4 hours in length depending on the classes you select. A variety of classes are held each month.

Everyone should start with the Foundation classes. It’s best to begin with Mindset for Supervisors which is an overview of how to use your strengths and your team’s strengths to enhance the workplace.

While you are taking the Foundation classes, you can also take the Core and Elective classes to enhance your education.

Register for any class by logging in at the My Learning website.

TD will evaluate your outside training for credit. Please fill out this form to submit your request! If the form is not working, please email TD with your request.