Customized workshop topics include


People-Centric Skills

Team Effectiveness

Systems Thinking iconSystems Thinking


Our staff, who specialize in creative, effective, and focused support, provides customized workshops to CSU departments and work units. These can be:

  • Talent Development curricula tailored specifically to your department needs, or
  • facilitated discussion of any professional topic that is helpful for your group.

Customized workshops are no charge, though there may be a fee for cost of materials if we provide assessments or copyright resources from external organizations. Sessions can be of any length, and can be held in your work area or other location.

CSU staff members observing

How can our Customized Workshops benefit your department?

Successful organizations need leaders at all levels. Our services encourage all employees to exemplify leadership in their respectful positions at Colorado State.

Successful Organizations Need Leaders At All Levels

Request a Customized Workshop

Request a Customized Workshop to explore your options and develop strategies and training tailored to the needs of your team.

You may also reach us at (970) 491-1376 or [email protected].