Opportunities to continue to learn, grow, and transform are critical in today’s ever-changing world. We believe the following four broad themes of courses will assist CSU employees in their continued development:

icon for self discoverySelf Discovery

Build an understanding of how to be a competent, thoughtful, and introspective leader who values the talents and strengths of self and others.

icon for team effectivenessTeam Effectiveness

Explore the components vital to building and maintaining effective relationships that cultivate team success.

icon for interpersonal skillsInterpersonal Skills

Develop the skills to be a conscientious communicator capable of building and sustaining relationships for individual and organizational success.

icon for systems thinkingSystems Thinking

Emphasize the subtle interconnections within the whole – individual, team, and university.

Appreciative Inquiry Focus Certificate

Appreciative Inquiry

Positive Psychology Focus Certificate

Positive Psychology

Strengths Development Focus Certificate

Strengths Development

Emergency Readiness Focus Certificate

Emergency Readiness

Building Proctor Readiness Focus Certificate

Building Proctor Readiness

Building a Strengths Based Culture

This is a collage of drawings participants created during the Strengths Based Culture Session

Look what creativity can manifest when you learn about your strengths and celebrate the unique way you look at the world! In this exercise from Building a Strengths Based Culture, small groups of participants are asked to create and present a drawing that represents everyone’s Gallup CliftonStrengths themes.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Talent Development offers professional development opportunities of all lengths and styles. When it is safe to return to campus, face-to-face learning and multi-day classes will resume. Meanwhile, enjoy our Spotlight Learning/eLearning and single-day webinar selections. Find current offerings in our seasonal training catalog, under Catalog and Registration Instructions at the navigation bar above.

Spotlight Learning

Do you have an hour now and again to devote to your professional development? Our Spotlight Learning sessions are one hour long, and are offered as live sessions and self-paced eLearning courses.

Single Day Classes

Rotating classes from each of the four themed areas are offered fall, spring, and summer terms. These classes are two-three hours long.

Multi-Day Professional Development Workshops

These classes are held over several days or months, and will be noted as such in the My Learning training descriptions and learner notes. View the workshops here.

Additional Training

Many departments at CSU offer training for faculty and staff on topics from career planning to course development to computer applications. Several of these departments are on My Learning today. Contact us if you need help finding the right course or department.

NOTE: Later in the fall you will be able to register for classes from HR and Business Financial Services through My Learning as well.

Individual Professional Development Transcripts

Your My Learning Dashboard COMPLETED section provides a list of your Professional Development Live Training, Course, Checkpoint and Program completions. Printable certificates are enabled for several of these learnables. This dashboard will be your Professional Development Transcript for classes completed through any department that offers trainings on the My Learning platform. If you believe you have completed something that is not showing up, please email