Talent Development has developed a toolkit to help your team continue to navigate our changing conditions.  The toolkit provides exercises to inspire rich conversations around managing transitions, exploring new beginnings, and creating an inspired future.  You can facilitate for your team or request a facilitator from our office to assist you.  

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Reinventing the Workplace Toolkit is divided into four key areas: Transitions, One-on-One Connections, Team Connections, and Planning Forward to an Inspired Future.

Read, below, each of the four areas’ general descriptions and decide which areas are most compelling as you prepare to return to campus.  Know that there is no specific order and we encourage you to customize this journey for your team.

Once you choose an area, consider further where you would like to start — for example, a short guide or a long guide depending on the depth you would like to explore the topic area.

Talent Development is offering three options to engage with the toolkit:

  • Self-guided – Download and go. A facilitator guide, participant guide or discussion guide is provided for each session. This allows you the opportunity to engage with the content on your own with your team.
  • Consulting Call –  Use this form to request a call with an experienced facilitator to explore the four areas and offer suggestions on how to implement the various sessions with your team.
  • Facilitated Session – Use this form to engage an experienced facilitator from Talent Development to lead the various sessions for your team.

Supervisors, your role is even more perplexing as you may be unfamiliar with the challenges that lie ahead and yet still need to lead the way, maintain engagement, and support your team members.  The toolkit will provide you with some excellent resources to help engage with you team.

We encourage you to keep in mind that employees will have concerns around safety and health issues and the impact of uncertainties in their personal environment.  Be sure to dedicate time to hear what they are dealing with and inquire what support would be helpful,

  • To find current information on what CSU is doing to ensure the health of our students, faculty, and staff, as well as the health of our university go to

Remember to show empathy and understanding as you work through how the team will navigate different working environments. Take time to be clear about expectations when dealing with varying shifts or work situations.  There will not be one easy solution for everyone.  The need for flexibility and adaptability for you and your team will be critical.

We are excited to hear about your journey and your experience of reinventing the workplace.  Please feel free to reach out to us and share your story or let us know how else we can support you and your team.

If you would like to share your journey, please email with your story.


Transitions require letting go of the past and taking up new behaviors. Take time to consider the impact change has on individual team members and explore your team’s purpose to create powerful synergy for the future.

When change occurs, individuals move through various stages of transition based on their own unique experiences. While some will be comfortable from the start with change, others may struggle for a longer period. This session provides the opportunity to reflect on recent changes and to begin the process of moving forward.

During unprecedented times exploring purpose can provide guidance and focus for the future.  Defined as “your reason for being”, a purpose statement should be one sentence that defines why your team exists.  As change occurs, a purpose statement brings the team back to their central mission, while providing a framework to explore new opportunities.

Build understanding to assist team with the various transitions individuals experience during times of change and develop strategies to move forward. This session uses Bridges’ three stages of transition as the foundation for discussion, explore how individual team members are dealing with change. In addition to developing awareness, the team will develop strategies to move forward.

Reinvest in team’s short-term future through exploring the variables of commitment, challenge and empowerment. How do teams re-emerge from summer to move forward? This session is designed to revisit the foundation of the team (purpose and values), while recognizing the need to move forward by learning from the experience.

One-on-One Connections

Cultivating relationships with individual team members is even more important as we navigate different working conditions. Take time to nurture positive communications and coaching opportunities.

As we reset, evaluate your approach to communication through a positive lens or facilitate this same exploration with your team member. This session will help guide individuals through a more positive approach to conversations.

Coaching can provide a context for developmental conversations. This session provides a selection of questions that will assist a manager to structure a conversation around a coaching framework.

Team Connections

Creating opportunities for your team to connect and interact in meaningful ways is critical for strong communication and collaboration. Take time to focus on team-building and how the team’s talents come together to form a dynamic, effective team.

Engage in a team dialogue addressing the changing landscape. This session provides a conversation starter that will assist a manager to lead conversation meant to help build teamwork.

Engage in a team dialogue addressing the changing landscape. This session provides a selection of questions that will assist a manager to lead conversation meant to help build teamwork.

Launch a team dialogue to reacquaint team members with their talents and how these talents can be leveraged differently due to the changing landscape. This session provides a selection of questions that will assist a manager to lead conversation meant to help build teamwork around talents.

Planning Forward to an Inspired Future

The uncertainties we are currently facing and the ambiguity that lies ahead reinforce the need to develop strategies that have us planning for an inspired future. Take time to explore where your team would like to focus as we move forward.

Defining goals based on the passion and excellence of the team creates a positive, productive work environment. Based on the Hedgehog Concept, developed by researcher/author Jim Collins, this session will explore building goals focused on your team’s passion for their work and the opportunity to achieve excellence.

After experiencing a series of unprecedented events, teams will need to regroup and begin to move forward. Providing the opportunity to explore the future can provide a sense of empowerment for a team. This session is designed to focus on the future based on components of Hope Theory: goal setting, willpower, and waypower.