These campus safety trainings are available by request to faculty and campus staff interested in campus safety preparedness. Building Proctors and Assistant Building Proctors are highly encouraged to attend these trainings.

Contact Bob Chaffee, (970) 491-3857, to schedule.

Campus Preparedness for CSU Staff

Who should attend: Open to all CSU staff

Course description: We’ll cover what you should consider having ‘ready to go’ at home for the safety of you and your family. Learn to more quickly recover and improve your chances of avoiding injury and worse during the many types of emergencies that may arise on any given day at work, at home, schools, and elsewhere.

We’ll discuss information about current safety and security issues in current society and how to balance these needs against our desire for convenience in daily living.

Introduction to Drills and Exercises

Who should attend: Individuals involved in emergency response, interested campus staff and proctors, and local safety professionals

Course description: This class is designed for building proctors/managers from campuses in Northern Colorado. This training will:

  • Demonstrate the process of holding an exercise;
  • Allow you time to ask questions and develop skills for assisting your staff and emergency responders with doing exercises;
  • Explain models of different level exercises as needed;
  • Provide information about building departmental resiliency; and
  • Provide hypothetical situations and debriefing.

This training allows for interaction between proctors and managers from several area campuses in the area of emergency preparation and response, building management issues, legal authority, and other pertinent areas of the manager/proctor role.

If you would like to update your building plan during the exercises, please bring a laptop to class.