A building proctor is an integral part of campus life, serving as a liaison between a campus building, the people in it, and Facilities Management. Proctors serve as the contact for work requests, maintenance issues, and emergencies. Proctors also have a responsibility to advise and share information with the people in the building.

The Building Proctor Development Program is mandatory for all CSU building proctors and assistant building proctors. Any CSU employees are welcome to attend any of the sessions, in the interest of campus preparedness.

Training Contact Information

Bob Chaffee
Building Proctor and Preparedness Training Coordinator

General Services Building, 321A
E-mail: Bob.Chaffee@colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-3857

Registration questions?
Contact CSU Training
(970) 491-1376

Building Proctor Contact Information

Lori Meyers
Customer Services, Facilities Management

E-mail: Lori.Meyers@colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-0056

To be added to the proctor listserv, which contains updates and trainings, please contact Lori.

When a change in proctor assignment is made, please notify the Facilities Management Customer Service Center. (970) 491-0077

Other Campus Units Involved in Building and Campus Safety

Many departments support proctors. 

CSU Facilities Department


Environmental Health Service (EHS)


CSU Police Department


Public Safety @ CSU


Public Relations


Risk Management



CSU employees with an eID may visit the online training and video resources to learn more.