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This bi-monthly newsletter brings you emergency readiness updates and tips across our CSU campuses and beyond. This edition includes ways to prevent identity theft. Coming soon: the mid-winter edition.

Registration is OPEN for Early Spring trainings!
We have space in the 2/21/19 Designing Simple Drills and Exercises and the 3/7/19 Intro to the Building Proctor’s Role trainings. Follow the title links to register on My Learning.

Upcoming Webinars:
Wed., Feb. 20 at 10:00 a.m.: Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Response in a Healthcare or Social Service Setting- More assaults occur in the health care and social services industries than in any other, but it is also one of the most under-reported incidents. The objectives and topics covered during this training provide healthcare administrators, security and front-line personnel with information and strategies on recognizing and responding to a violent intruder. 1 hour.

Email Bob Chaffee for more information at least two days prior to a training.

Who Should Attend: All employees are encouraged to attend our emergency readiness classes and webinars, especially those who may be called on to take part in drills and exercises that help us prepare for “the real thing.” While Introduction to the Building Proctor’s Role and Ready Colorado State are required for proctors, all of these classes are recommended for all employees who may be impacted by an emergency at work or at home. 

These trainings are coordinated and often led by Bob Chaffee, along with his team of professionals from a variety of departments at CSU.

About the Instructor:

Bob Chaffee portrait

As a retired law enforcement officer, Bob has the privilege of coordinating a very capable team of professionals from across campus in presenting readiness training and strategies to employees of Colorado State. It is his hope that this training is useful not only at work, but with family, church, school and travel that our employees may pursue.

Safety and Preparedness Resources

We invite you to reference this .pdf list  of on-campus, local, and additional safety and preparedness resources.

How to Request Customized ER Trainings

New Request Form

If you would like Bob Chaffee and team to deliver a customized Emergency Readiness training, please fill out this customized training request form.

Core Emergency Readiness Trainings

The Building Proctor’s Role

(Formerly Tier 1)

Next session: Registration for the 3/7/19 session is open on My Learning.

Instructor: Bob Chaffee (lead instructor), campus experts from CSU police, facilities, and health and safety departments.
Contact Hours: 4
Frequency: 3-4 times/year

Who should attend: All building proctors who have not previously attended the training, as well as experienced proctors who would like a refresher. Please consider inviting other in your department who may be interested in daily operations.

Required materials:  Bring a copy of the Building Proctor Manual to class.

Course description: You have the keys and the manual… now what? Learn the basic responsibilities and authority of building proctors. This introductory course will provide you with a review of the duties and common issues faced by every building proctor.

Topics include:

  • Building safety
  • Typical maintenance issues
  • Information sharing
  • Question and answer time with several instructors

Case studies and lots of interaction will make this information immediately useful.


Ready Colorado State

(Formerly Tier 2)

Next session: Watch the late Spring TOD calendar for the next session.

Instructor: Bob Chaffee (lead instructor), with campus experts from health and safety, CSU police, and additional departments.
Contact Hours: 4
Frequency: 3-4 times/year
Prerequisite: Completion of Tier 1 training is recommended, but not required
Required materials:  Bring a copy of the Building Proctor Manual to class and print and review the Student Learning Guide prior to coming to class, where it will be used as a reference and completed.

Course description: 

The Colorado State University Emergency Plan will be discussed and reviewed so CSU employees know where they and their Building Plans fit toward meeting the university’s responsibility to capably respond to emergencies. This preparation ranges from medical emergencies to other major emergencies such as fire or utility outages, culminating in developing and/or updating a plan for your work site or area.

Readiness Resources

(Formerly Tier 3)

Next session: Watch the late Spring TOD calendar for the next session.

Instructor: Bob Chaffee (lead instructor), with campus experts from health and safety departments.
Contact Hours: 4
Frequency: Once annually
Required materials: Bring your emergency readiness plan with you to class.


Course description:

This multi-topic session will cover services, expertise, and resources available to proctors and employees in routine or emergency situations. Topics include fire safety and evacuation planning, dealing with the media, workplace violence awareness, technology security and safety, workplace ergonomics, introduction to Women’s Programs, and Community Right to Know information. These are all issues that may be encountered during a workday.

Building Plan Safety Assistance

You can receive one-on-one assistance to update or finalize your Building Safety Plan through Environmental Health Services. Call or e-mail Ken Quintana, (970) 567-6589, for guidance.