Accounting Training: For training in CSU’s accounting systems and processes, please contact Kris King, the Bridge Department Administrator for Business and Financial Services. 

Microsoft Suite of Tools: Microsoft offers free training resources! Start at this link to access these Microsoft classes. 

Public Speaking: While Talent Development does not offer professional development classes in public speaking, the CSU Toastmasters club is a community club open to anyone who is interested in improving their public speaking skills.

Student Employee Development and Supervision: Start here for information about the Elevate Student Supervision Program. For further information contact Student Employee Development by email. 

Zoom Training: To educate yourself on the ins and outs of Zoom, here are two options. The Zoom help center has searchable topics and offers many videos. You are able to test your computer system in the Zoom Sandbox. You will not be entering an actual meeting however you can test your audio and video settings.