Supervisor Development Program

What does it take to be successful as a supervisor at CSU? Experience teaches us that focusing on self discovery, interpersonal skills (relationship building), systems thinking, and coaching helps us to be successful leaders and creates successful teams.

The Supervisor Development Program is designed to help supervisors become effective and inspired in their role at CSU for the betterment of themselves and their team members.

Through this program you will develop strategies to:

  • build strengths that contribute to individual, team and organizational success
  • apply interpersonal skills to enhance the workplace
  • learn to meet the four basic needs of a team
  • form and enhance networks to provide pathways to success


For answers to common questions, read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

How it works

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to supervision. The Supervisor Development Program is made up of foundation classes and professional development classes all designed to help you with your professional development as an individual and as a supervisor. The program is self-directed, so you decide what you want to take and when.

Program Options

  1. Foundation only
    Take only the three foundational classes: Mindset for Supervisors, Rules of the Road, and Inclusive Excellence.
  2. Certificate 
    If you want a more comprehensive training and a certificate for the supervisor development program, you will complete the foundation classes and take eight more classes of your choosing from the professional development series. All of this is done on a timeline that is right for you.

Foundation classes are held monthly every semester and can be completed over the course of one semester. Professional development classes are held each semester, though topics and class offerings may change from semester to semester.

Foundation Classes

  • Mindset for Supervisors
    Understand who you are as a supervisor by exploring the strengths you bring to the role; build your knowledge of team dynamics, and explore how your team contributes to the mission of the institution. This class includes the creation of an individualized supervisor professional development plan.
  • Rules of the Road
    This class covers employment law and policies.
  • Inclusive Excellence
    This class covers diversity, inclusion, and the impact that unconscious bias may play in the workplace.


To begin the Supervisor Development Program, register for Mindset for Supervisors.

Contact Us

If you have any trouble registering, or would like to talk about if this program is right for you, please contact us at (970) 491-1376 or

Professional Development Series

These are not the exact class names as the offerings change from semester to semester. Please visit the registration page to see what classes are offered this semester.

Core Classes (choose 4 classes)

Self Discovery

  • Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Strengths-Based Leadership

Interpersonal Skills

  • Inclusive Conversations
  • The Power of Feedback: Constructive and Positive

Team Effectiveness

  • Effective Teams
  • Creating a Shared Vision

Systems Thinking

  • Systems Thinking: Your Role in the Big Picture
  • Embracing Appreciative Inquiry

Elective Classes (choose 4 classes)

Self Discovery

  • Hope in the Workplace
  • Crafting Your Career
  • The Essential Elements of Well-being
  • Personal Effectiveness and Time Management
  • Emerging Women Leaders’ Webinar Series

Interpersonal Skills

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Subtleties of Communication
  • Masterful Training and Facilitation
  • Advanced Facilitation
  • *Coaching Basics

Team Effectiveness

  • Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Generation Z
  • Teambuilding
  • Situational Leadership
  • Balancing Act (managing students and seasonal employees)

Systems Thinking

  • Inside CSU
  • *Appreciative Leadership
  • Critical Thinking

Register for Professional Development Classes

You can register for the Professional Development classes (Core or Elective) at any time.

Register for classes.


How long is the program?

Whether you’re doing just the Foundation or the Certificate, you can complete the program at your own pace: take as many classes as you wish, take one or two a semester, whatever works best for your schedule. It is possible to complete the entire program in less than a year if you so desire.

Is the program only for current supervisors?

The program is designed for employees currently in a supervisor role, but those who aspire for a supervisor role can also participate in the program.

How much time each month will I need?

The time commitment for each month is determined by each participant. The Foundational classes (3) are 14 hours. Each one is offered monthly, so participants can take each class at their own pace.

You’ll need eight of the Professional Development classes to receive a certificate. Those classes are 2-4 hours in length, and a variety of classes are held each month.

How do I sign up and what do I sign up for?

Everyone should start with the Foundation classes. It’s best to begin with Mindset for Supervisors which is an overview of how to use your strengths and your team’s strengths to enhance the workplace.

While you are taking the Foundation classes, you can also take the Professional Development classes.

Register for any class at